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  • Admission to the PhD Program at INST -January, 2016 Session (Read More)Advertisement of Postdoctoral fellowship- Feb, 2016 (Read More) WALK – IN – INTERVIEW for the post of TEM operator (Read More)
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  • Admission to the PhD Program at INST -January, 2016 Session (Read More)
  • Advertisement of Postdoctoral fellowship- Feb, 2016 (Read More)
  • WALK–IN–INTERVIEW for the post of TEM operator (Read More)
  • Watch Prof. A. K. Ganguli's interview in a TV program 'Eureka' in Rajya Sabha TV (Click Here)
  • Advertisement for the post of Junior Research Fellow (JRF) under DST Nanomission project (Click Here)
  • '2nd INST - Langmuir Lecture' by Prof. Steve Granick Venue: IISER LH-5 Date: 10th Oct 2015 Time: 3.00 pm (Read More)
  • INST Scientists give insight of Nano Science to Masters Students of Khalsa College Patiala under Outreach Program
  • INST receives "Vijayavani National Education Leadership Awards" in recognition of leadership, development, marketing an institute and industry interface of an Educational Institute
  • Featured article in ‘Nano digest’ magazine about the water filtration research work carried out by Prof. A. K. Ganguli and his group. (Read More)
  • INST received Best poster award(represented by Dr Menaka) at the Global Green Nanotech. conf (Gigantic 2015) at Ahmedabad during 6-7 Aug 2015 organized by CII Gujarat
  • INST organized "1st CRIKC Nanoscience Day"- the first annual meeting of Nanoscience Group under CRIKC initiative, on 21st July, 2015 (Download Photos) (Watch Lecture Videos- Part 1 & Part 2))
Nanotechnology, the manipulation of matter at the atomic and molecular scale to create materials with remarkably varied and new properties, is a rapidly expanding area of research with huge potential to revolutionize our lives and to provide technological solutions to our problems in agriculture, energy, the environment and medicine. In order to fully realize this potential, we need to be able to control the synthesis of nanoparticles, the construction of nano-devices, and the characterization of materials on the nanoscale and to understand the effects of these things on environment and health. INST will bring together chemists, physicists and materials scientists at the forefront of the science of making and characterizing materials at the nanoscale, with biologists and biochemists applying these discoveries in the agricultural, medical, biological sphere. It brings together research-active basic and applied scientists from different backgrounds in an intimate atmosphere to learn about the needs and scientific advances in their respective fields and to build interactions and collaborations.
Nano News
  • Black phosphorus surges ahead of graphene

    A Korean team of scientists tune black phosphorus's band gap.

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  • Novel material design for undistorted light waves

    When a light wave penetrates a material, it is usually changed drastically.


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  • Nanotechnology developed to help treat heart attack and stroke

     Australian researchers funded by the National Heart Foundation are a step closer to a safer and more effective way to treat heart attack and stroke via nanotechnology.


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  • Artificial moth eyes enhance the performance of silicon solar cells


    As reported in the publication 'Sub-50-nm Self-Assembled Nanotextures for Enhanced Broadband Antireflection in Silicon Solar Cells'.


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  • Engineers demonstrate the world’s first white lasers More luminous and energy efficient than LEDs, white lasers look to be the future in lighting and Li-Fi, or light-based wireless communication


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