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Dr. Jayamurugan Govindasamy

Assistant Professor (Scientist D)

(Ramanujan Fellow)


Educational Qualification:

Ph.D.: Department of Organic Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India (2003-2009)
M.Sc.: Organic Chemistry (specialization), University of Madras, Chennai, India (2001-2003)
B.Sc.: University of Madras, India (1998-2001)

Research Career:
  • Assistant Professor (Scientist-D): Institute of Nano Science and Technology, Mohali, India; June 2015 onwards 
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate (January 2013-May 2015): University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. (PI: Prof. Jonathan R. Nitschke)
  • Postdoctoral Fellow (January 2010-December 2012): ETH-Zurich, Switzerland. (PI: Prof. François Diederich)
  • Research Associate (April 2009-December 2009): Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. (PI: Prof. N. Jayaraman)
Research Interests:

Functional Nanomaterials: Development of new methods for the synthesis of highly branched functional nanomaterials as smart vehicles for Drug/Antibody/Gene delivery applications with following goals of cheap, easy to synthesis and versatile system. 
Framework Materials: Synthesis and studies of porous covalent-organic (COF) and metal-organic framework materials (MOF) based on supramolecular chemistry approach and its applications in view of energy storage, catalysis, bio-sensing, and photovoltaic applications. 
Donor-Acceptor Compounds: Synthesis and studies of new class of potential push-pull chromophores for optoelectronic, sensing, and high energy related applications.


2016   Ramanujan Fellowship awarded by DST-SERB-five year research grant (2016-2021)
2016   Early Career Research (ECR) Award by SERB-three year research grant (2016-2019)
2012   Two and half year’s post-doctoral fellowship sponsored by EPSRC at University of Cambridge.
2010   Three years post-doctoral fellowship sponsored by European Research Council (ERC) at ETH-Zurich.
2005   Awarded Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) by Council of Scientific Industrial Research.
2003   Secured second place in State level inter collegiate P. G. quiz competition.
2003   Qualified in national eligibility test CSIR-NET-2003”. Awarded Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) by Council of Scientific Industrial Research.
2002   Secured 95.5 percentile in national level Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering “GATE-2002”.

Selected Publications:
  1. A. Gupta, A. AHMAD, H. Singh, S. Kaur, Neethu K M, M. M. Ansari, G. Jayamurugan* and R. Khan,* Nanocarrier Composed of Magnetite Core Coated with Three Polymeric Shells Mediates LCS-1 Delivery for Synthetic Lethal Therapy of BLM-Defective Colorectal Cancer Cells. Biomacromolecules2018, 19, 803-815. (*Corresponding Author)
  2. G. Jayamurugan, V. Gowri, D. Hernández, S. Martin, A. González-Orive, C. Dengiz, O. Dumele, F. Pérez-Murano, J.-P. Gisselbrecht, C. Boudon, W. B. Schweizer, B. Breiten, A. D. Finke, G. Jeschke, B. Bernet, L. Ruhlmann, P. Cea, F. Diederich, “Design and Synthesis of Aviram–Ratner-Type Dyads and Rectification Studies in Langmuir–Blodgett (LB) Films”, Chem. Eur. J. 201622, 10539-10547. (selected as Hot paper)
  3. M. L. Böhm, T. C. Jellicoe, J. P. H. Rivett, A. Sadhanala, N. J. L. K. Davis, F. S. F. Morgenstern, K. C. Gödel, G. Jayamurugan, C. G. M. Benson, N. C. Greenham, B. Ehrler, “Size and Energy Level Tuning of Quantum Dot Solids via a Hybrid Ligand Complex” J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 20156, 3510−3514.
  4. G. Jayamurugan, D. A. Roberts, T. K. Ronson, J. R. Nitschke, “Selective endo and exo binding of mono- and ditopic-ligands to a rhomboidal diporphyrin prism”, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, 54, 7539-7543. 
  5. G. Jayamurugan, A. D. Finke, J.-P. Gisselbrecht, C. Boudon, W. B. Schweizer, F. Diederich, “One-Pot access to push-pull oligoenes by sequential [2+2] cycloaddition–retroelectrocyclization reactions,” JOrgChem201479, 426–431.
  6. P. T. Ullas, S. N. Madhusudana, A. Desai, G. Jayamurugan, N. Jayaraman, “Enhancement of immunogenicity and efficacy of a plasmid DNA rabies vaccine by nanoformulation with a fourth-generation amine-terminated poly(ether imine) dendrimer,” Int. J. Nanomedicine 20149, 627–634.
  7. G. Jayamurugan, O. Dumele, J.-P. Gisselbrecht, C. Boudon, W. B. Schweizer, B. Bernet, F. Diederich, “Expanding the chemical structure space of optoelectronic molecular materials: unprecedented push–pull chromophores by reaction of a donor-substituted tetracyanofulvene with electron-rich alkynes”, JAmChemSoc2013, 135, 3599–3606.
  8. R. S. Bagul, Y. B. R. D. Rajesh, G. Jayamurugan, A. Bera, A. K. Sood, N. Jayaraman, “Photophysical behavior of poly(propyl ether imine) dendrimer in the presence of nitroaromatic compounds”, JPhotochemPhotobiol., A 2013253, 1–6.
  9. A. D. Finke, O. Dumele, M. Zalibera, D. Confortin, P. Cias, G. Jayamurugan, J.-P. Gisselbrecht, C. Boudon, W. B. Schweizer, G. Gescheidt, F. Diederich, “6,6-Dicyanopentafulvenes: Electronic structure and regioselectivity in [2 + 2] cycloaddition–retroelectrocyclization reactions”, JAmChemSoc2012, 134, 18139–18146.
  10. G. Jayamurugan, J.-P. Gisselbrecht, C. Boudon, F. Schoenebeck, W. B. Schweizer, B. Bernet, F. Diederich, “Expanding the chemical space for push-pull chromophores by non-concerted [2+2] and [4+2] cycloadditions: access to a highly functionalized 6,6-dicyanofulvene with an intense low-energy charge–transfer band”, ChemCommun201147, 4520–4522.
  11. G. Jayamurugan, K. S. Vasu, Y. B. R. D. Rajesh, S. Kumar, V. Vasumathi, P. K. Maiti, A. K. Sood, N. Jayaraman, “Interaction of single-walled carbon nanotubes with poly(propyl ether imine) dendrimers”, JChemPhys2011134, 104507/1–104507/6.
  12. U. P. Thankappan, S. N. Madhusudana, A. Desai, G. Jayamurugan, Y. B. R. D. Rajesh, N. Jayaraman, “Dendritic poly(ether imine) based gene delivery vector”, Bioconjugate Chem201122, 115–119.
  13. G. Jayamurugan, N. Jayaraman, “Increased efficacies of an individual catalytic site in clustered multivalent dendritic catalysts”, AdvSynthCatal2009351, 2379–2390.
  14. G. Jayamurugan, C. P. Umesh, N. Jayaraman, “Preparation and catalytic studies of palladium nanoparticles stabilized by a dendritic ligand-functionalized Silica”, J.  MolCatalAChem2009307, 142–148.
  15. G. Jayamurugan, C. P. Umesh, N. Jayaraman, “Inherent photoluminescence properties of poly(propyl ether imine) dendrimers”, OrgLett200810, 9–12.
  16. C. Jana, G. Jayamurugan, R. Ganapathy, P. K. Maiti, N. Jayaraman, A. K. Sood, “Structure of poly(propyl ether imine) dendrimer from fully atomistic molecular dynamics simulation and by small angle X-ray scattering”, JChemPhys2006, 124, 204719/1–204719/10.
  17. G. Jayamurugan, N. Jayaraman, “Synthesis of large generation poly(propyl ether imine) (PETIM) dendrimers”,Tetrahedron 200662, 9582–9588.

1.  N. Jayaraman, G. Jayamurugan, Y. B. R. D. Rajesh, R. Bhaskara, B. Suresh, A. K. Sood, “A method for detecting an analyte”, PCT Int. Appl. WO 2011030313, 2011, 18 pp.; US patent App, US 20120171776, 2011.
2.  N. Jayaraman, P. U. Thankappan, N. S. Madhusudana, A. Desai, G. Jayamurugan, Yamajala B. R. D. Rajesh, “New poly(ether imine) dendrimers useful in preparing polymer system for deleivering negatively charged moleucle e.g. nucliec acid, DNA, polynucleotides, short interfering RNA, micro RNA and ribozymes, into cells”, PCT Int. Appl. WO 2012090223-A1, 2012.
3.  G. Jayamurugan, N. Jayaraman, “Poly(ether imine) dendrimers and uses thereof”, Indian pat. Appl. IN2010CH04010, 2014, 64 pp.

Book Chapters/Conferences:

Book Chapters:

  • N. Jayaraman, G. Jayamurugan, B. M. Kiran, “Dendrimer-metal nanocomposites and their optical behavior”, In Nanotechnological Applications of Novel polymers; Adeli, M., Ed.; Transworld Research Network: Trivandrum, 2009, pp 105–131.
    • Papers in conference proceedings

N. Jayaraman, G. Jayamurugan, Y. Rajesh, B. Natarajan, V. Ramamurthy, International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies, Honolulu, HI, United States, December 15-20, 2010–Oral presentation: “Studies of Photochemical and Reaction Container of Poly(Ether Imine) and Poly Alkyl Aryl Ether) Dendrimers”.

    • Papers presented in conferences but not published

1.  CuI/IIO Nanoparticles-Grafted Tailor-made Cellulose as an Efficient Catalyst for “Glaser” Homo- and Hetero-coupling Reactions “First INST-CeNS Joint symposium” Hampi, 16th to 18th October and 30th 2017.

2. Customized Nanocarrier for Therapeutic Targeting of Cancer Cells, DBT workshop for biotechnology school July 2017, organized by INST at NABI.  

3. Biocompatible hyperbranched polymers coated magnetite nanocarrier for therapeutic targeting of cancer cells National Conference on Trends in Nanobiotechnology (NCTN-2016)” CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, 29 and 30th November 2016.

4. Ahmad, A., A. Gupta, G. Jayamurugan, and R. Khan. "Applying synthetic lethality to nanomedicine: LCS-1 loaded magnetite and polymeric nanoparticles for the treatment of BLM and CHEK2-deficient colorectal cancer cells." In CANCER MEDICINE, vol. 7, pp. 27-28. 111 RIVER ST, HOBOKEN 07030-5774, NJ USA: WILEY, 2018.

5. A. D. Finke, O. Dumele, G. Jayamurugan, J.-P. Gisselbrecht, C. Boudon, W. B. Schweizer, F. Diederich, F. “Fulvenoid, nonplanar push-pull chromophores.” Poster presentation at the Electronic Process in Organic Materials Gordon Conference, Lucca, Italy, June 3-8, 2012.
6.   G. Jayamurugan, F. Schoenebeck, W. B. Schweizer, B. Bernet, J.-P. Gisselbrecht, C. Boudon, F. Diederich, “Wisenshaftforumchemie”  September 4-7, 2011, Bremen / Germany _ Poster: “Expanding the Chemical Space for Push-Pull chromophores by Non-concerted [2+2] and [4+2] Cycloadditions: Access to a Highly Functionalized 6,6-dicyanopentafulvene with Attractive Opto-electronic Properties”.
7.   G. Jayamurugan, O. Dumele, W. B. Schweizer, B. Bernet, J.-P. Gisselbrecht, C. Boudon, F. Diederich, “Swiss Chemical Society” August 29 - September 2, 2011, ETH-Zurich / Switzerland _ Poster: “Diverse Chemical Reactivity of Push-Pull type Fulvene with Electron Rich Alkynes”.
8.   G. Jayamurugan, B. B. Frank, M. Kivala, W. B. Schweizer, B. C. Blanco, B. Breiten, R. R. Tykwinski, E. Jahnke, C. Boudon, J.-P. Gisselbrecht, F. Diederich, “3rd EuCheMS Chemistry Congress” August 29 - September 2, 2010, Nürnberg / Germany _ Poster: “Synthesis and Studies of Chiral and Achiral Push-Pull Type Charge-Transfer Chromophores Derived from Different Oligoyne”.
9.   G. Jayamurugan, N. Jayaraman, “Synthesis and Studies of Poly(Propyl Ether Imine) (PETIM) Dendrimers.” 10th Chemical Research Society of India, National Symposium (CRSI symposium), February 2008, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.
10.   G. Jayamurugan, N. Jayaraman, “Synthesis and Studies of Poly(Ether Imine) (PETIM) Dendritic Macromolecules”. National Conference on Chemistry, September 2006, Bangalore University, Bangalore, India.
11.   G. Jayamurugan, N. Jayaraman, “International Symposium in Organic Chemistry” 23rd December 2005, IISc, Bangalore, India _ Poster Presentation: “Synthesis and Fluorescence Studies of Poly(Propyl Ether Imine) (PETIM) Dendrimers”.


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