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Dr. Asifkhan Shanavas
Scientist C
Educational Qualification:

Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering (2010-2015), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India.

M.Tech Nanomedical Sciences (2008-2010), Amrita Centre for NanoSciences, Kochi, India.

M.Sc Biochemistry (2005-2007), PSG College of Arts and Sciences, Coimbatore, India.

B.Sc Biochemistry (specialized in Biotechnology) (2002-2005), PSG College of Arts and Sciences, Coimbatore, India.

Research interests :

Targeted combinatorial nanomedicines: Combination cancer chemotherapeutic protocols involve difficulties such as variations in pharmacokinetics, membrane transport, dosage and optimization of drug scheduling. Our group investigates polymeric combination nanomedicines towards vehicle uniformity, ratiometric drug loading with temporal site-specific release of the drugs.

Organo-Inorganic Biomaterials for Theranostics: Multifunctional biomaterials offer a ‘One for All’ approach towards precise in vivo detection and subsequent treatment of solid tumors. Our group investigates organo-inorganic composite biomaterials for simultaneous therapy and imaging of cancerous tissues.

Plasmonic nanomaterials for Photothermal Therapy: Gold based anisotropic nanostructures such as nanoshells have shown a huge success in combating drug resistant tumors. Our group works on better engineering of nanoshells towards new generation of nanomedicines for effectively combating undruggable advanced cancers.

Awards :

♦ 2016- 2017: DBT Indo-Australian Career Boosting Gold Fellowship

♦ 2010- 2014: MHRD Institute Teaching Assistantship, IIT Bombay

♦ 2013: DST Travel Grant

♦ 2011: Bioencapsulation Research Group Travel Grant

♦ 2008-2010: DST fellowship, MTech Nanomedical Sciences, ACNS

♦ 2006: JNCASR summer research fellowship

Professional Memberships :

♦ Indian Association for Cancer Research

♦ American Society for Nanomedicine

♦ Indian Society of Nano Medicine

Publications :

♦ P Yadav†, N S Thangaraj†, B Purohit, A Shanavas, K Kailasam, Metal-free visible light photocatalytic carbon nitride quantum dots as efficient antibacterial agents: An insight study, Carbon, 2019, Just accepted manuscript.

♦ S Chaudhary, D Rohilla, A Umar, N Kaur, A Shanavas, Synthesis and characterizations of luminescent copper oxide nanoparticles: Toxicological profiling and sensing applications, Ceramics International, 2019, Just accepted manuscript.

♦ PPP Kumar, P Yadav, A Shanavas, S Thurakkal, J Joseph, P P Neelakandan, A Three-Component Supramolecular Nanocomposite as a Heavy-Atom-Free Photosensitizer, Chemical Communications, 2019,55, 5623-5626.

♦ D S Chauhan, A B Bukhari, G Ravichandran, R Gupta, L George, R Poojari, A Ingle, A K Rengan, A Shanavas, R Srivastava, A De, Enhanced EPR directed and Imaging-guided Photothermal Therapy using Vitamin E Modified Toco-Photoxil, Scientific Reports, 8, 2018.

♦ P Yadav, S P Singh, A K Rengan, R Srivastava, A Shanavas*, Gold laced bio-macromolecules for theranostic application, Int. J. Biol. Macromol, 110, 2018, 39-53.

A Shanavas*, A K Rengan, D Chauhan, L George, M Vats, N Kaur, P Yadav, P Mathur, S Chakraborty, A Tejaswini, A De, R Srivastava, Glycol chitosan assisted in situ reduction of gold on polymeric template for anti-cancer theranostics, Int. J. Biol. Macromol, 110, 2018, 392-398.

♦ K Naim, S T Nair, P Yadav, A Shanavas, P P Neelakandan, Supramolecular confinement within chitosan nanocomposites enhance singlet oxygen generation, ChemPlusChem, 2018, 83, 418 –422.

A Shanavas, S Sasidharan, D Bahadur, R Srivastava, Magnetic core-shell hybrid nanoparticles for receptor targeted anti-cancer therapy and magnetic resonance imaging, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 486, 112-120, 2017.

A Shanavas, K Byagari, A K Rengan, G C Kundu and R Srivastava, Biocompatible Amphiphilic Pentablock Copolymeric Nanoparticles for Anti-Cancer Drug delivery, Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology, vol 10, 1-11, 2014. * Equally Contributed Authors

A Shanavas, R Agrawal, S Yadav, M Aslam, D Bahadur, and R Srivastava, Polyelectrolyte Coated Polymeric Nanoparticles for Controlled Release of Docetaxel, Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology, Vol. 8, 1–10, 2012. * Equally Contributed Authors.

♦ Rajesh Patel, Asifkhan Shanavas, Mohammed Aslam, Dhirendra Bahadur, Rohit Srivastava, Magnetic polycaprolactone nanoparticles for anticancer drug delivery. Journal of Nanoscience Letters. 2013, 3: 8.

Asifkhan Shanavas, Dhirendra Bahadur, Rohit Srivastava, Core or/and Surface modified Nanomedicines for Controlled Release of Drug, 2012 12th IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE-NANO) The International Conference Centre Birmingham 20-23 August 2012, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Patents :

♦ Multi-layer Nanocomposite, Application number: 811/MUM/2011, Indian Patent Number: 271416, Date of filing: 21st March 2011, Date of grant & recordation in the register of patent: 19th Feb 2016.

♦ Photo-disintegrable, Near-Infra Red responsive gold coated poly (Lactic-co-Glycolic acid) nanostructures and a process for its preparation, Indian patent application number: 4082/MUM/2015. (Inventor from INST, Mohali)

Conferences Presented :

Systems Oncology conference 2017, Cochin, Kerala.

Invited Talk at 3rd Annual Personalized Nanomedicine Symposium, 2016, Florida International University, Miami, USA

♦Invited talk at ICMR sponsored National Conference on Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery Research: Innovations, Challenges and Opportunities, 2015, SPPSPTM, NMIMS, Mumbai.

♦ International Symposium on Nanotechnology and Cancer Theranostics (ISNACT), 2015, IIT Bombay.

Indo-Australian conference on Tissue Engineering, Drug Delivery System and Regenerative Medicine (BiTERM), 2015, Anna University.

4th Annual Meeting of American Society for Nanomedicine, 2014, Maryland, USA.

3rd NanoToday Conference, 2013, Singapore.

4th Bangalore Nano conference. 2011. Bangalore, India.

XIX International Conference on Bioencapsulation, 2011, Amboise, France.


Tel: 0172 - 2210075
Email Id : asifkhan(at)inst(dot)ac(dot)in

Office Address :

Institute of Nano Science & Technology
Habitat Centre, Sector - 64, Phase X, Mohali