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Dr. Dipankar Mandal

Scientist E/Associate Professor


♦ Ph.D (2008), Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus, Germany

♦ M.Tech (2004), Materials Science and Engg.– IIT Kharagpur India

♦ M.Sc (2002), PhysicsJadavpur University, India

♦ B.Sc (2000), Physics Hons.Burdwan University, India

Positions Held/Research Experience

Assistant Professor-Department of Physics, Jadavpur University, India (April 2008-October 2017)

♦ Postdoctoral Researcher-Kyung Hee University, South Korea (August 2009- July 2011)

♦ Scientific assistant-BTU Cottbus, Germany (December 2005-March 2008) (These two years was taken leave from Jadavpur University)

Research interests

♦ Advanced Functional Materials

♦ Piezo-,Pyro-, Ferroelectric Materials

♦ Development of Mechanical and Thermal Energy Harvesters

♦ Flexible Nanogenerator, Bio-signal Monitoring via Noninvasive Biosensors

♦ Self-powered Electronics

♦ e-Skin

♦ Nanomaterial Synthesis

♦ Development of Electrospinning Technique for Nanofiber preparation

 ♦ Rare-earth Doped Glass

♦ Surface Science


Peer reviewed journals

  1. S. K. Ghosh and D. Mandal*, Synergistically enhanced piezoelectric output in highly aligned 1D polymer nanofibers integrated all-fiber nanogenerator for wearable nano-tactile sensor, 2018, Nano Energy (IF~13.1),
  2. A. Sultana, Md. M. Alam, P. Sadhukhan, U. K. Ghorai, S. Das, T. R. Middya and D. Mandal*, 2018, Organo-lead Halide Perovskite Regulated Green Light Emitting Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Electrospun Nanofiber Mat and its Potential Utility for Ambient Mechanical Energy Harvesting Application, 2018, Nano Energy (IF~13.1), 49, 380 – 392.
  3. K. Maity and D. Mandal*, All-Organic High-Performance Piezoelectric Nanogenerator with Multilayer Assembled Electrospun Nanofiber Mats for Self-Powered Multifunctional Sensors, 2018, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (IF~8.0), 10, 18257−18269.
  4. A. Sultana, Md. M. Alam, T. R. Middya and D. Mandal*, 2018, A Pyroelectric Generator as a Self-powered Temperature Sensor for Sustainable Thermal Energy Harvesting from Waste Heat and Human Body Heat, Applied Energy (IF~7.9) 221, 299 – 307.
  5. A. Sultana, P. Sadhukhan, Md. M. M. Alam, S. Das, T. R.  Middya and D. Mandal*, 2018, Organo-Lead Halide Perovskite Induced Electroactive β-Phase in Porous PVDF Films: An Excellent Material for Photoactive Piezoelectric Energy Harvester and Photodetector, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (IF~8.0),10,4121–4130.
  6. Md. M. M. Alam, S. K. Ghosh, A. Sultana, and D. Mandal*, 2018, An Efficient Wind Energy Harvester of Paper Ash-Mediate Rapidly Synthesized ZnO Nanoparticle-Interfaced Electrospun PVDF Fiber, ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng.(IF~6.1), 6, 292–299.
  7. Md. M. M. Alam, A. Sultana, D. Sarkar and D. Mandal*, 2018, Biomechanical and acoustic energy harvesting from TiO2 nanoparticle modulated PVDF nanofiber made high performance nanogenerator, ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 1 (7), 3103–3112.
  8. S. K. Ghosh, M. Xie, C. R. Bowen, P. R. Davies, D. J. Morgan and D. Mandal*, 2017, A hybrid strain and thermal energy harvester based on an infra-red sensitive Er3+ modified poly(vinylidene fluoride) ferroelectret structure, Scientific Reports (IF~4.1), 7, 16703, DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-16822-3.
  9. S. K. Ghosh and D. Mandal*, 2017, Bio-assembled, piezoelectric prawn shell made self-powered wearable sensor for non-invasive physiological signal monitoring, Appl. Phys. Letter. (IF~3.1), 110 (12), 123701.
  10. S. K. Ghosh, P. Adhikary, S. Jana, A. Biswas, V. Sencadas, S. D. Gupta, B. Tudu and D. Mandal*, 2017, Electrospun gelatin nanofiber based self-powered Bio-e-Skin for health care monitoring, Nano Energy (IF~11.5), 2017, 36, 166.
  11. Md. M. Alam, S. K. Ghosh, A. Sultana and D. Mandal*, 2017, An effective wind energy harvester by paper-ash mediated rapid synthesized ZnO nano-particle interfaced electrospun PVDF fiber, ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. (IF~5.9), DOI: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.7b0244.
  12. S. K. Ghosh, M. Xie, C. R. Bowen, P.R. Davies, D.J. Morgan  and D. Mandal*, 2017, A hybrid strain and thermal energy harvester based on an infra-red sensitive Er3+ modified poly(vinylidene fuoride) ferroelectret structure, Scientific Reports (IF~4.2) 7, 16703.
  13. Md. M. Alam, S. K. Ghosh, D. Sarkar, S. Sen and D. Mandal*, 2017, Improved dielectric constant and breakdown strength of γ-phase dominant super toughened polyvinylidene fluoride/TiO2 nanocomposite film: an excellent material for energy storage applications and piezoelectric throughput, Nanotechnology (IF~3.5), 28, 015503.
  14. S. K. Ghosh and D. Mandal*, 2017, Sustainable energy generation from piezoelectric biomaterial for noninvasive physiological signal monitoring, ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. (IF~5.9) 5, 8836–8843.
  15. A. Sultana, S. K. Ghosh, V. Sencadas, T. Zheng, M. J Higgins, T. R. Middya and D. Mandal*, 2017, Human skin interactive self-powered wearable piezoelectric bio-e-skin by electrospun poly-L-lactic acid nanofibers for non-invasive physiological signal monitoring, J. Mater. Chem. B (IF~5.9) 5, 7352–7359.
  16. K. Maity, B. Mahanty, T. K. Sinha, S. Garain, A. Biswas, S. K. Ghosh, S. Manna, S. K. Ray* and  D. Mandal*, 2017, Two-dimensional piezoelectric MoS2-modulated nanogenerator and nanosensor made of poly(vinlydine fluoride) nanofiber webs for self-powered electronics and robotics, Energy Technology (IF~2.5), 5(2), 234–243.
  17. B. Mahanty, S. K. Ghosh, S. Garain, and D. Mandal*, 2017, An effective flexible wireless energy harvester/sensor based on porous electret piezoelectric polymer, Materials Chemistry and Physics (IF~2.1),186, 327–332.
  18. P. Adhikary and D. Mandal*, 2017, Enhanced electro-active phase in a luminescent P(VDF–HFP)/Zn2+ flexible composite film for piezoelectric based energy harvesting applications and self-powered UV light detection, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. (IF~4.4), 19, 177789–17798.
  19. Md. M. Alam, A. Sultana, D. Sarkar and D. Mandal*, 2017, Electroactive β-crystalline phase inclusion and photoluminescence response of a heat-controlled spin-coated PVDF/TiO2 free-standing nanocomposite film for a nanogenerator and an active nanosensor, Nanotechnology (IF~3.5), 28, 365401.
  20. W. Rahman, S. K. Ghosh, T. R. Middya, D. Mandal*, 2017, Highly durable piezo-electric energy harvester by a super toughened and flexible nanocomposite: effect of laponite nano-clay in poly(vinylidene fluoride), Mater. Res. Express (IF~1.0) 4, 095305.
  21. A. Biswas, S. Garain, K. Maity, K. Henkel, D. Schmeißer and D. Mandal*, 2017 Influence of in situ synthesized bismuth oxide nanostructures in self-poled PVDF-based nanogenerator for mechanical energy harvesting application, Polymer Composites (IF~1.5), DOI 10.1002/pc.24628.
  22. A. Biswas, K. Henkel, D. Schmeisser and D. Mandal*, 2017, Comparison of the thermal stability of the α, β and γ phases in poly(vinylidene fluoride) based on in situ thermal Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, Phase Transitions 19, 1205 ̶  1213.
  23. S. K. Ghosh and D. Mandal*, 2016, High-performance biopiezoelectric nanogenerator made with fish scale, Appl. Phys. Letter. (IF~3.1), 109 (10), 103701 (Selected in AIP press release and different print and electronic media. It was also selected as editor’s pick).
  24. S. K. Ghosh, A. Biswas, S. Sen, C. Das, K. Henkel, D. Schemeisser and D. Mandal*, 2016, Yb3+ assisted self-polarized PVDF based ferroelectretic nanogenerator: A facile strategy of highly efficient mechanical energy harvester fabrication, Nano Energy (IF~11.5), 30, 621  ̶  629.
  25. S. Jana, S. Garain, S. K. Ghosh, S. Sen and D. Mandal*, 2016, The preparation of γ-crystalline non-electrically poled photoluminescant ZnO–PVDF nanocomposite film for wearable nanogenerators, Nanotechnology  (IF~3.5), 27, 445403.
  26. P. Adhikary, A. Biswas and D. Mandal*, 2016, Improved sensitivity of wearable nanogenerators made of electrospun Eu3+ doped P(VDF -HFP)/graphene composite nanofibers for self-powered voice recognition, Nanotechnology (IF~3.5), 27, 495501.
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  28. S. K. Ghosh, T. K. Sinha, B. Mahanty, S. Jana, and  D. Mandal*, 2016, Porous polymer composite membrane based nanogenerator: A realization of self-powered wireless green energy source for smart electronics applications, J. Appl. Phys. (IF~2.1), 120 (17), 174501.
  29. S. Garain, K. Barman, T. K. Sinha, Sk. Jasimuddin*, J. Haeberle, K. Henkel, D. Schemeisser and D. Mandal*, 2016, Cerium(III) Complex Modified Gold Electrode: An Efficient Electrocatalyst for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (IF~7.1), 8 (33), 21294–21301.
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Press Coverage

 Journal press release

  1. Fish 'Biowaste' Converted to Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters, AIP news staff, Washington DC, Source link:
  2. Cellulose nanogenerators could one day power implanted biomedical devices, ACS news service Source link:
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Electronic media

  1. Telecasted in science monitor programme, Rajya Sabha (RS) TV (02 October,2016); Topic: Fish scale made bio-piezoelectric nanogenerator (initiated by Bigyan Prasar, DST); Source link:
  2. Broadcasted the interview with the Economist (UK) journalist in Science and technology
  3. Telecasted in science monitor programme, Rajya Sabha (RS) TV (07 May, 2016); Topic: DNA and Cellulose made piezoelectric nanogenerator (initiated by Bigyan Prasar, DST); Source link:

Print media

  1. The Body Power, The Telegraph
  2. Cellulose nanogenerator may power medical implants, The Economic Times
  3. Indian scientists' DNA device generates power from touch, The Economic Times
  4. Indian scientists recycle fish scales into green energy, The Hindu
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  6. Green Living: Scientists Create Renewable Power Source from Fish Scales, The Nature World News
  7. Scientists convert fish biowaste into energy harvester, The Bangalore Mirror


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