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Dr. Priyanka

Scientist C
Educational Qualification :


♦ Expertise in biotransformation and biomonitoring of environmental pollutants using magnetic, optical and electrochemical approaches. Ability to design appropriate nanostructures for utilizing their chemical and electrical properties in ultra-sensitive biosensor development.

Ph.D. (2008-2012) Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh (affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi), INDIA
ThesisTitle: Antibody functionalised nanobioprobes: Characterisation and bioassay development for phenylurea herbicides.

Positions Held :

Research Experience

Scientist “C” at Institute of Nano Science and Technology, Mohali ( Feb, 2013-continuing)

♦ UGC Research Scholar at Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh ( Feb,2008 – Feb,2013)

♦ Visitor Research Scholar at Northwestern University (IL) Chicago, USA  during (June – Oct, 2011)

♦ Volunteer Research Scholar at Children Memorial Research centre (IL) Chicago, USA during ( July – Oct, 2011)

Teaching experience :

♦ Guest lecturer at Govt. College, Sector 46, Chandigarh (from 2007 - 2008)

♦ Guest lecturerat G.G.DS.D. College, Sector-32, Chandigarh (2006 - 2007)

♦ Guest lecturer at Govt. College for Girls, Sector 42, Chandigarh. (2005 - 2006)

Research interests

Expertise: Nano-biosensing

♦ Development of Nanobioprobe mediated low cost sensing platforms for clinical and environmental applications.

♦ Generation of specific aptamers and antibodies against toxins, drugs, pesticides, explosives and clinical biomarkers for apta/immuno-diagnosis

♦ Microfluidics based online diagnostic platforms for public health surveillance and disease management.

♦ Targeted Nano-carriers for drug delivery and therapeutics.

Selected Publications

♦ Tuteja, S. K., Priyanka, Bhalla,V. K., Akash Deep, Paul, A.K., Suri, C. R (2014). Bio-functionalized rebar graphene (f-RG) for label free detection of cardiac marker troponin I. Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 6, 14767-14771.

♦ Priyanka, Shorie, M., Bhalla, V., Pathania, P., Shilpa Chaudhary, K. K. Bhasin, V. K. Bhalla, Suri, C. R (2014). A hybrid aptamer-antibody linked FRET based detection of trinitrotoluene. Anal. Chem. 86 7200-7204.

♦ Priyanka, Shorie, M., Bhalla, V., Pathania, P., Suri, C. R. (2014). Nanobioprobe mediated DNA aptamers for explosive detection. Chem. Commun., 50, 1080-1082.

♦ Tuteja, S. K., Priyanka, Bhalla,V. K., Akash Deep, Paul, A.K., Suri, C. R. (2014). Graphene-gated biochip for the detection of cardiac marker Troponin I. Analytica chimica acta, 809, 148-54.

Priyanka, Kukkar, M., Ganguli, A. K., Bhasin, A. and Suri, C. R. (2013). Plasmon enhanced fluoro-immunoassay using egg yolk antibodies for ultra-sensitive detection of herbicide diuron. Analyst, 138, 4312-4320.

Priyanka, S., Bhalla, V., Dravid, V., Shekhawat, G., Jinsong, W., Prasad, E.S., Suri, C.R. (2012). Enhancing electrochemical detection on graphene oxide-CNT nanostructured electrodes using magneto-nanobioprobes. Scientific Report (Nature Publication) doi: 10.1038/srep00877.

Priyanka, S., Bhalla, V., Dravid, V., Shekhawat, G., Jinsong, W., Prasad, E.S., Suri, C.R. (2012). Enhancing graphene/CNT based electrochemical detection using magneto-nanobioprobes. Nature Protocol Exchange. doi:10.1038/protex.2012.059

♦ Sablok, K., Bhalla, V., Priyanka, S., Kaushal, R., Chaudhary, S., Suri, C. R. (2013) Amine functionalized graphene oxide/CNT nanocomposite for ultrasensitive electrochemical detection of trinitrotoluene. J Hazardous Material. 248-249; 322-328.

Priyanka, S., Tuteja, S.,Bhalla, V., Shekhawat, G., Dravid, V., Suri, C.R. (2013). Bio-functionalized graphene-graphene oxide nanocomposite based electrochemical immunosensing. Biosensors Bioeletronics. 39, 99–105.

♦ Bhalla, V., Priyanka, S., Pandey, S., Suri, C.R. (2012). Impedimetric label free immunodetection of phenylurea class of herbicides. Sensors & Actuators B. 1231–1237.

Priyanka, S., Bhalla, V., Tuteja,  S., K. Manil and Suri, C. R. (2012). Rapid extraction and quantitative detection of herbicide diuron in surface water by hapten-functionalized carbon nanotubes based electrochemical analyzer . Analyst.21;137(10):2495-2502.

Priyanka, S., Chopra, A., Choudhary, S. (2012). Bio-nanomechanical detection of diabetic marker HbA1c. Bionanoscience. 2,179-184.

♦  Bhalla, V., Carrara, S., Priyanka, S., Nangia, Y. and Suri, C. R. (2012). Gold Nanoparticles mediated Label-Free Capacitance Detection of Cardiac Troponin. Sensors & Actuators B. 161(1), 761-768.

Priyanka, S., Kumar, B. and Suri, C. R (2012). Antibody functionalised gold nanoprobes based colorimetric assay for the direct detection of phenylurea herbicide. Environment and Pollution. 1(1), 12-19.

♦ Palaniappan, A., Goh, W. H., Yildiz, U. H., Swarnalatha, B., Priyanka, S., Suri, C. R., Mhaisalkhar, S.G., Liedberg, B. (2012). Detection of Low Molecular Weight Compounds using Carbon Nanotube Grafted Resonators. Sensors & Actuators B. 161(1), 689-696.

Priyanka, S., Sablok, K., Bhalla, V., Suri, C. R. (2011). A novel disposable electrochemical immunosensor for phenyl urea herbicide-diuron. Biosensors Bioeletronics. 26, 4209–4212.

Priyanka, S., Suri, C.R. (2011). Biotransformation and biomonitoring of phenylurea herbicide diuron. Bioresource Technology 102, 3119-3125.

Priyanka, S., Gandhi S., Chopra A., Sekar N., Suri C.R. (2010). Fluoroimmunoassay based on suppression of fluorescence self-quenching for ultra-sensitive detection of herbicide diuron. Analytical Chimica  Acta. 676, 87-92.

Priyanka, S., Cameotra, S.S., Chopra, A. Suri, C.R. (2010). Efficient biotransformation of herbicide diuron by bacterial strain Micrococcus sp. PS-1. Biodegradation  21, 979-87.

♦ Suri, C. R., Boro, R., Nangia, Y., Gandhi, S., Priyanka, S., Wangoo, N., Kumar R. and Shekhawat, G.S. (2008).Immunoanalytical techniques for analyzing pesticides in the environment” Trends in Analytical Chemistry 28, 29-39.


Plastic biochip based electrochemical immunosensor Inventors: Vijaywanth Mathur, Chander Raman Suri, Priyanka Sharma. File No. 236/CHE/2010


♦ Environment Education Book, A/P Publishers, Jalandhar, India 

♦ Book chapter, Nanocomposites based immunosensing (accepted) Springer publication on “Biosensors for Environmental Monitoring”.


♦ MIT Media Lab Fellow 2013.

♦ CSIR-Nehru PDF Fellowship 2013 .

♦ Google INK Research Fellowship 2013.

♦ Sole woman MIT TR35 young innovator, 2012.

♦ Top innovator under the DST - Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Programme 2012.

♦ Innovation and Knowledge (INK) Fellow 2012.

♦ India innovation i3 regional award (Chemistry category, North Zone) 2011.

♦ Visiting Research Fellow at Northwestern University, Chicago (USA) 2010.

♦ University Grants Comission-Junior Research /Senior Research Fellowship (2008-2012).

♦ International Swiss collaboration in Biotechnology (ISCB) Best Poster Presentation Award 2011.

♦ Electron Microscopy Society of India (EMSI) Best Poster Presentation Award 2007 in Life Sciences section.


Tel: 0172 - 2210075
Email Id : priyanka(at)inst(dot)ac(dot)in

Office Address :

Institute of Nano Science & Technology
Habitat Centre, Sector - 64, Phase X, Mohali