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Dr. P.S.Vijayakumar

Scientist C
Education :

♦ B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D., Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, India.

Experience :

♦ Post Doc Fellow, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune from 2007-2009

♦ National Science council Post Doc Fellow, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan from 2010- 2014

Background :

♦ Engineering of NIR-sensitive nanoparticles, for deep cell hyperthermia, cargo delivery and imaging applications.


♦ To design nanoparticles suitable for agricultural practices like nutrient, pest and diseases management.

Selected Publications

Vijayakumar, P. S.; Selvakumar S. and C. S. Yeh, Near-infrared light-responsive nanomaterials in cancer therapeutics. Chemical Society Reviews. 2014, 43, 6254-87.

Vijayakumar, P. S.; Chien, Y. H.; Cheng,  Y. S.; Huang, C. C.; Chen,  Y. S.; Kumar,  U.; Hsu H. F. and Yeh. C. S. Oligonucleotides-Assembled Au Nanorod-Assisted Cancer Photothermal Ablation and Combination Chemotherapy with Targeted Dual-Drug Delivery of Doxorubicin and Cisplatin Prodrug. ACS Applied materials and interfaces. 2014, 6, 4382-93.

♦ Tsai, M. F.; Chang, S. H. G.; Cheng, F. Y.; Vijayakumar, P.S; Cheng, Y.-S.; Su, C. H. and Yeh, C.-S. On Design of Au Nanorod as an effective light-absorber in the First and Second Biological Near-Infrared Windows For In vivo Photothermal Cancer Therapy. ACS Nano. 2013, 7, 5330-5342.

♦ Li, W. P.; Vijayakumar, P.S.; Huan g, C. C.; Huang , G. D.; Huang, Y. K.; Chiu , S. H. and Yeh, C. S. Eccentric Inorganic-polymeric Nanoparticles Formation by Thermal Induced Cross-linked Esterification and Conversion of Eccentricity to Raspberry-like Janus. Chem. Commun., 2013, 49, 1609-1611

♦ Chang, J. L.; Lien, C. H.; Vijayakumar, P. S.;  Hsieh, P. H. and  Zen, J. M.; Electrochemical regulation of microbial growth on disposable screen printed carbon electrodes. Electrochimica Acta. 2012. 82, 103-108

Vijayakumar, P.S.; Abhilash, O.U.; Khan B. M. and Prasad B. L. V. Nanogold Loaded Sharp Edged Carbon Bullets as Gene Carrier for Plant Genetic Engineering. Advanced Functional Materials. 2010, 20, 2416- 2423.

Vijayakumar, P.S. and Prasad B.L.V. Intracellular biogenic silver nanoparticles for the generation of carbon supported antiviral and sustained bactericidal agents. Langmuir.  2009, 25, 11741–11747.

Patent Grant:

♦ Prasad B. L. V.; Vijayakumar, P.S.; Abhilash, O.U. and Khan B. M. DNA loaded supported gold nanoparticles, process for the preparation and use thereof US 8759054 B2 Grant PCT number PCT/IN2010/000513.


♦ Natarajan, S; Udayasoorian, C.;… Vijayakumar, P.S.; and Kavitha, R.; 2006. Composting technology and organic waste utilization in agriculture. Dept. of Environmental Science TNAU, Coimbatore ISBN No 978-81-906394-0-8


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